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Sample Data

Sample Data

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SymbolCompressionDelimiterTypeNT 7NT 8
ES (EP) - E-mini S&P1 Minute.ntdContinuousntd-NT7-sample.zipntd-NT8-sample.zip
ES (EP) - E-mini S&P1 MinuteSemi-colonContinuousES ##-##.txtES ##-##.txt
NQ (ENQ) - E-mini NASDAQTickSemi-colonIndividualNQ-12-18.Last_.txtNQ-12-18.Last_.txt

Notes on Sample Data:

  • .ntd snippet samples were run for a machine based in Chicago. With a purchase from PortaraNinja we will need to know the location of your machine in advance, so we can make the tailored .ntd data to suit your location.
  • .ntd data differs between NT7 and 8 and is NOT compatible between versions.
  • Semi-colon delimited data is the raw data that is NT7 or NT8 compatible and which you can use to import yourself. The data is timestamped Chicago, so use the import facility in NinjaTrader set the combobox to GMT-6.  
  • Semi-colon delimited data is compatible between all versions of NinjaTrader.

Non NinjaTrader Formats

You can purchase data in NinjaTrader format under Shop For Data.

If you require data in a format not related to NinjaTrader then you can browse our free sample data options for historical daily futures data, for historical intraday data, for historical tick – trades data, and historical tick – level 1 data.

Sample data courtesy of portaracqg.com.