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Ninjatrader Purchasing Guidelines

NinjaTrader Purchasing Guidelines

STEP 1 - Purchase Your Data from the PortaraNinja Shop

Please purchase your data from the Portara Ninja Shop. Once a purchase has been made we will follow-up via email.  Depending on your purchasing choices, we may send a Data Needs Questionnaire (see video below) with our suggestions in how the data may be created for you. In the case of a Continuous Data purchase, we will suggest roll settings and other options for you to consider. Please feel free to alter settings and when you are happy send it back to us for processing.

This is a tailored service for NinjaTrader users. Please see the video on what is contained in the Data Needs Questionnaire and for educational instruction on the creation of continuous data, if that applies to you.

Minimum spend on Tick Data $750 (does not apply when on sale).

Ordering Continuous Data from PortaraNinja

If you order Continuous data you have the choice to either have the data delivered to you in .ntd format or an open text format that is compatible with NinjaTrader.

If you choose .ntd format please follow the online installation instructions (see menu) for your particular version of NinjaTrader.  Please note the .ntd formatting is DIFFERENT between NT7 and NT8 so we need to know your version in advance.

Ordering Individual Files or Tick Data from PortaraNinja

If you order individual files, whether 1 minute bar or tick, we will deliver the data in an open text format that is compatible with NinjaTrader. This data is similar to a CSV file but the delimiter used is a semi-colon.

You will need to manually import the data into the version of NinjaTrader you use. You will need to utilise their Import facility.  We will provide the instructions for what settings to choose during the import process.

However, please note that if you purchase deep historical data you may have to setup manual historic contracts by referencing NinjaTrader help files on how to do so prior to beginning your import process.

Lastly, for .ntd purchases, we need to know your Machine's Local Time

In order to run off data in .ntd format we need to know your Machine’s local time in advance of the data pull.   If however you are ordering semi-colon delimited text files then we will provide you with instructions on how to import directly into NT7 or NT8.

Data Needs Questionnaire

An insight into what happens behind the scenes when you place an order for NinjaTrader compatible data

Discover what settings you may control when you purchase continuous data from PortaraNinja’s Shop for use with NinjaTrader. Listen to more advanced uses of Portara software from the main site, for users with larger needs than simple one-off data purchases.

Non NinjaTrader Formats

You can purchase data in NinjaTrader format under Shop For Data.

If you require data in a format not related to NinjaTrader then you can browse our free sample data options for historical daily futures data, for historical intraday data, for historical tick – trades data, and historical tick – level 1 data.

Sample data courtesy of portaracqg.com.