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Historical Intraday And Tick Data for NinjaTrader

Historical Intraday And Tick Data for NinjaTrader

What is Portara Ninja?

The Approved supplier of historical intraday and tick futures Data for NinjaTrader 7 & 8

With Portara you can now order historical intraday futures data or historical tick data for NinjaTrader 7 or 8 or both*.  You may order data in NinjaTrader’s unique ‘semi-colon sepearated’ files format (open text) or via their encrypted standard .ntd format too. NinjaTrader historical intraday data is guaranteed to just work without any messing or fussing about! Futures & Forex 1 minute and tick data from 238 Global Exchanges back to 1965.

Why Do I Need It?

To Backfill Your Platform with Historical Data of Course!

Match any Real Time Feed that you use with our 1 minute and tick futures data so that you can populate your database with a full complement of historic data.  Purchase historical intraday and tick data as far back as 1965 to back-test with. All data is genuine high quality CQG Data Factory data. How powerful a solution is that? Think about it! Is it starting to make sense? Well read on… and welcome!

Our Three Product Types Explained

Individual 1 Minute Contracts - Full History

  • Purchase individual 1 Minute contracts for NT 7 or 8 in NinjaTrader's unique semi-colon separated text files. This way you can import the data directly into NT and have NT internal settings adjust the data compressions automatically for you.

Continuous 1 Minute Contracts - Full History

  • Purchase Continuous 1 Minute data for NT 7 or 8 in NinjaTrader's unique semi-colon separated text files or .ntd format. Portara will create the ##-## file for you and help you choose optimal roll settings.

Individual Tick Contracts - Full History

  • Purchase individual Tick contracts for NT 7 or 8, 'Trades Only' or inclusive of 'Bids & Asks', in NinjaTrader's unique semi-colon separated text files. This way you can import the data directly into NT and have NT internal settings adjust the data compressions automatically for you.

Under The Hood - 1 Minute Continuous Data ##-##

Show Me How...

Backfill Your Data

Learn how Portara provides CQG Data Factory continuous data that is NinjaTrader 7 & 8 compliant. NinjaTrader continuous data is known as ##-## data, the continuous data means you can have historical intraday futures data that appends to your real time feed. Remember, we will help and guide you on appropriate settings for hundreds of futures and forex symbols we provide.  Choose Zero (unadjusted) forward adjusted, ratio adjusted or backadjusted rolls. We can supply you with the data in .ntd format (NT7) or .ncd format (NT8) so you have nothing to do except place it in your NinjaTrader folder – job done!

Continuous Data... Easy Install... Watch The Video

30 Seconds To Data Success!

Plug & Play: Simply place your purchased .ntd (NT7) or .ncd (NT8) continuous data in theNinjaTrader 7 or 8 folder and you are good to go! Simple!

Note: This video shows NT7 installation, apply similar installation methodology if you are a NT8 user, or see the guidlines, it isn’t hard!

We can also supply individual files or continuous data as text files to NinjaTrader’s special semi-colon separated format, if you prefer. See the import guidlines to import your data.

Historical Intraday 1 Minute & Tick Futures Data for NinjaTrader

HFM Awards 2015


Portara wins an award at the HFM Awards November 2015. Also Portara was voted with the highest commendation for ‘Best Data Provider’.
Winner European Technology awards 2015 - Portara

HFM Awards 2016


Portara wins a highly commended award at the European HFM Awards November 2016. Portara was ‘highly commended in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.
Winner European Technology awards 2016 - Portara

HFM Awards 2018


Portara wins the BEST MARKET DATA PROVIDER AWARD at the HFM European Technology Awards 2018. The shortlisted applicants for this award were Thompson Reuters | Quanthouse | Options and Portara!
Winner European Technology awards 2018 - Portara

HFM Awards 2019


Now, Portara wins the BEST ALTERNATIVE MARKET DATA PROVIDER AWARD at the HFM European Technology Awards 2019.  Portara, has also brought historical tick data to the NinjaTrader platform too!
Winner European Technology awards 2019 - Portara

Shop For Historical 1 Minute & Tick Data For NinjaTrader

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Customise Your Data By...


Timestamps can be tailored to your needs. Normally, NinjaTrader alters timestamps internally to suit your machine’s location.  This is the accepted method for most users and we will tailor the data to match.  However, if you have specific needs outside of the generally accepted method, let us know and we will match data to suit you individually.

Roll Series & Back-adjustments

For purchasers of continuous data, otionally, choose any roll series such as HMUZ or just accept the defaults we succest.  E.g. You can elect to skip over contracts such as every second month with Crude Oil or not including the October contract(by convention) with Gold or Cotton.  You choose…

You can opt to have your data back-adjusted  – which will apply the contract settle difference close-to-close on the date of your rolls, this being the industry standard, or

You can opt for a zero adjustment – which will simply clip the actual data together in a continuous stream without applying the settle difference, again, your coice…

Days From Expiry (for Continuous Data)

Optionally, choose how many days from each contract expiry you would like to have your NinjaTrader intraday data rolled or, accept our default succestions.

Nearest Future or Deferred Contracts (for Continuous Data)

Optionally, choose  how many contracts forward you wish to begin your continuous data.  Useful with STIR’s and any proprietary trading rules you may have.

Session Times

It is usual for us to run off data with no session times so that you get ALL the data.  However, optionally, you may choose session times in which you can exclude unwanted evening and nighttime periods that are outside of your usual trading day.

Regular Trading Hours Data (RTH)

Optionally, you may choose to have Regular Trading Hours Data for your intraday or daily data.  For instance you can have daily or intraday 1 minute bars based on your own unique session times.  E.g. With The British Pound (All Sessions) you may wish to have your OHLC daily bars showing open at 0720 and close at 1400 with high and low between those timestamps. We will guide you on your choices.

Need More Va Va Boom?

90 Second Demo of All Main Features on the Main site

Watch how Portara Creates Continuous Back Adjusted Daily And Intraday Futures Data

Keep hold! – for a 90 second ride through Portara’s main features at the main site. Do you need to alter the volatility of your data sets, randomise the opens and closes for statistical robustness testing? Then watch this video… Also, the main Portara software is used to create Historical Intraday Futures Data for NinjaTrader using its many templates.

Behind The Scenes at Portara's Main Site

What is RTH data? What is Continuous back-adjusted data? Where has the Open gone? And many more tutorials!


For Power Users...

NinjaTrader Compatibility Guarantee

.ntd format | semi-colon separated text - 100%
NinjaTrader Version 7 - 100%
NinjaTrader Version 8 - 100%

Control Everything !!!

With Portara you can control ALL your historical extractions any way you want them. Minimum 20 symbols. Includes CQG Actual and Continuous data for daily and 1 minute bar back to inception. Includes updates 1/2hr after markets close US.


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